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Our software solutiones are aimed at improving commercial productivity and competitiveness of your company and its marketing channels, its multichannels presence, the capture of leads and prospects, and the automation of registration, subscription, application and account opening processes, including different levels of validation and authentication factors.

With our ecommerce BtoB platform your customers and buyers will be able to request quotes, purchase and track their orders online, in an easy and intuitive way.


Managed websites

We develop responsive websites and landing pages with high content rotation and focus on SEO and organic positioning.

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Digital Onboarding

For both individuals and companies, including multiple authentication factors, proof of life, and digital signatures.

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Boost your sales

eCommerce BtoB

A new sales channel for your business customers. Secure Customer portal. Manage orders, quotes and track sales.

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Money Management


Commercial management, granting and collection of personal loans. e-lending.

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Nuestras soluciones están 100% orientada a servicios (SOA) consumida a través de API rest e integrable con cualquier otra solución.

También podemos integrarnos con otras soluciones. Las posibles opciones de integración, listadas en orden de recomendación son las siguientes:

  • 1) Opción recomendada: API Rest
  • 2) Webservices
  • 3) Direct-DB - en el caso de requerir integrar con una solucion que no disponga de servicios.
  • 4) Manual (solo para casos específicos)

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Scalable and accessible solutions, mostly deployed by configuration.

Are you interested in jointly developing specific vertical markets? The modularity of our solutions and their ability to incorporate new functionalities in very short times, allows us to tailor solutions for vertical segments with a differential time to market.

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BA Minds. An interdisciplinary team that has been dedicated, for more than 10 years, to the development and commercialization of front and backend solutions, Cloud and on-premise. A unique combination of knowledge and advanced experience in technology and business development.

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