Web & mobile development

Full stack. Front & Backend. Cloud or On-Premise

If you need to develop complex digital solutions that integrate seamlessly with other systems, then BA Minds is the development partner you are looking for.

we develop solutions


Enterprise web solutions and mobile applications differ from standard software because of their very specific needs. They are personalized and require a scalable backend, with technological maturity and able to integrate with multiple other system. Our developments adapt to your demand in an agile way and without disruption.

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Front end web & mobile (App)

Custom web and mobile design and development. Cross-platform and at enterprise level.

Development of responsive web applications - such that it can be used correctly from any device - dynamic applications and websites, with or without a content manager. We create mobile applications from a single code base that allows us to handle different levels of complexity, without sacrificing the performance of a native application.

And in all cases with a design aimed at optimizing the navigability and user experience (UX / UI).

Responsive web sites

  • - Dynamic websites, with content management system - BAMCMS
  • - Landing pages to capture prospects & marketing actions
  • - Optimizing navigability and user experience (UX / UI)
  • - From a framework that allows us to develop, based on good practices and in a fester and more secure way.

Mobile Apps

  • - With personalized design and development aimed at optimizing the navigability and user experience (UX / UI).
  • - From a single code base that allows us to handle different levels of complexity, without sacrificing the performance of a native application.
  • - For onboarding processes, account opening, second factor authentication.
  • - Integrated with your backend / core or with backend provided by BA Minds.


  • - To maintain active and homogeneous communication throughout your company.
  • - Human resources, training, internal news, etc.

Customer Portals

  • - For self-management by your client to request quotes, report cases, tickets and claims.
  • - BtoB ecommerce portal. Automation of the management of quotes and orders, and integrated into your ERP.

Account opening, loans application

  • - Qualification and granting of loans integrated with multiple bureaus and rating agencies.
  • - Fintech, banks, credit cards, financial institutions, etc.

Digital Onboarding

  • - Digitized registration processes with different authentication levels / factors.
  • - Life proof.
  • - For account openings, card requests, registrations with authentication, etc.
“ BA Minds really understood our needs, and analyzed them beyond my expectations, allowing us to  significantly increase our market share. ”

Globalwing - Martín Jellowsheg, CEO

Backend - BA Minds Platform

With BA Minds' modular backend platform we have developed projects and solutions for different business models, highly scalable and secure, either to run on native platforms for the cloud or on virtual servers.

BaaS - Backend as a Service - a complete platform for the development of applications and software solutions in a reduced time frame.

Technological maturity

  • - A dynamic state of continuous improvement.
  • - A highly proven platform, with 10 years of engineering, development and optimization.
  • - 100% service oriented.

Security, scalability and stability

  • - With a track record of unmatched stability. Our clients are our best witnesses.
  • - Developed natively in the cloud, and oriented to the use of cloud resources to guarantee infinite scalability without interruptions.

Predictability in time and costs

  • - Differential time to market.
  • - The modular structure of the BA Minds platform allows solutions to be developed in a reduced time frame.

By subscription (SaaS) and / or acquisition

  • - The contracting model adapts to your requirements.
  • - By monthly subscription (SaaS).
  • - By acquiring and obtaining the code upon completion of the project.
  • - Transition model from SaaS to acquisition within a defined timeframe based on your budget.
  • - In all cases, you can count on and opt for BA Minds' support.

Cloud or virtual servers

  • - Our solutions are adapted to the infrastructure of your choice.
  • - Either in the cloud or your own servers.

API Rest service oriented

  • - 100% service-oriented modular architecture (SOA). Backend consumed through API Rest.

We can do it

We do not sell man hours. We offer a solution that encompasses from the discovery and analysis phase to software development and ongoing support.

maintenance and support

We understand that challenges do not end at the initial development stage, but that their success also depends on the positive evolution of any soluiton. And that is why, at BA Minds, we have a unique support and maintenance team that will accompany you in the growth and evolution of implemented solutions.


We provide comprehensive support. From the use of the solution and user training to the development and incorporation of new functionalities.


We execute a scheduled revision plan in order to optimize and identify possible problems, apply corresponding corrections to foresee avoidable unforeseen events.


We have an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Management, UX, full stack development, mobile development, FIX protocol, blockchain, and cloud-based solutions, in particular Microsoft Azure.

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We provide support

And we can assure you that it is something that we, at BA Minds, do really well and very efficiently for your budget.


Web & Mobile / cloud - SaaS, BaaS, on-premise / multi-tennant.

  • - Java Script
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3.0
  • - Frameworks for: graphics, file export, image recognition, etc.
  • - .NET C#
  • - Redis Cache
  • - .NET Core
  • - SQL Server
  • - SQL Azure Database
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - Azure Table Storage
  • - Azure Blob Storage
  • - Microsoft Azure con Azure Service Fabric
  • - Onpremise
  • - Web Socket con SignalR
  • - FIX Protocol
  • - API Rest with OAuth2
  • - Web Services
  • - GIT
  • - SVN
  • - Tailoring customized by project