Web & mobile development for startups - MVP

Full stack. Front & Backend. Cloud or On-Premise

Time to market is crucial to the success of a new venture. But so is its ability to scale. If you wish to start off with an MVP that you can truly grow with, BA Minds is the development partner you are looking for. We combine our full-stack experience with a multifunctional platform to generate incomparable digital experiences.

our services

Web and mobile developments (App). Startups and new projects

MVP and post-MVP. With BA Minds your MVP will have a technologically mature and scalable platform from day one. 

MVP: What do you need?

  • Personalized App?
  • Front end web?
  • Robust backend?
  • To be integrated with other solutions and platforms?
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We can do it

We stand out in the ability to modularize projects with a comprehensive vision of our clients' business, optimizing their investment and delivering projects in a timely manner.

Front end web and mobile (App)

The front end of your venture or new project must have the flexibility to grow and adapt quickly to the requirements of your business.

That is why we create custom mobile solutions from a single code base that allows us to handle different levels of complexity and adapt to changes quickly, without sacrificing the performance of a native application.

And in all cases with a design aimed at optimizing the navigability and user experience (UX / UI).

Mobile Apps

  • - Focusing on navigability and user experience (UX / UI).
  • - We can give you the end-to-end solution App with integrated backend.
  • - Maintenance and support of the published App.

Responsive webs

  • - Dynamic and self-manageable.
  • - Landing pages for marketing actions and capture of potential clients.
  • - Registration, qualification or onboarding process.
  • - For your clients self-management: request for quotes, cases, purchase orders, tickets and claims, etc.

Onboarding processes

  • - Digitized registration processes with different levels of identity validation.
  • - Login with second authentication factor.
  • - For secure registration, account opening, request for financial services, request for loans, etc.
  • - Qualification and granting of loans integrated with multiple bureaus and rating agencies.
“ At Balanz, we have been working with BA Minds for more than 8 years. From the development of the CRM to our websites and other programming. The service and quality are excellent. It is worth highlighting their response time and of course the quality of their services. ”

Balanz Capital - Daniel Vicien, Commercial Director

Backend - BA Minds Platform

BA Minds's backend platform has a large number and variety of functionalities, a component-based architecture, technologically mature, secure and scalable, from which we can develop applications and software solutions in reduced time frames.

Some of its functionalities

  • - A wide variety of components: Process management, personalized data models, email marketing, user login, roles and permissions, calendar, registration and activity control.
  • - Multiple integrations already operational. DocuSign, VU Security, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange, WhatsApp Business, SMS, Veraz, banks, bureaus and various financial entities, among others.
  • - Modules for negotiation, credit management, content management.
  • - Reports and graphics.


  • - Technologically mature
  • - Safe, stable and scalable.
  • - 100% service oriented modular architecture. Consumed through API Rest. Integration with any other solutions.
  • - Cloud or virtual servers.

We can do it

We do not sell man hours. We offer a solution that encompasses from the discovery and analysis phase to software development and ongoing support.

maintenance and support

We understand that challenges do not end at the initial development stage, but that their success also depends on the positive evolution of any solution. And that is why, at BA Minds, we have a unique support and maintenance team that will accompany you in the growth and evolution of your proyects and ventures.


We can provide comprehensive support. From the use of the solution and user training, to the development and incorporation of new functionalities.

Preventive Maintenance

We execute a scheduled revision plan in order to optimize and identify possible problems, apply corresponding corrections to foresee avoidable unforeseen events.


We have an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in Marketing, Sales, Business Management, UX, full stack development, mobile development, FIX protocol, blockchain, and cloud-based solutions, in particular Microsoft Azure.

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We provide support

And we can assure you that it is something that we, at BA Minds, do really well and very efficiently for your budget.


Web & Mobile / cloud - SaaS, BaaS, on-premise / multi-tennant.

  • - Java Script
  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3.0
  • - Frameworks for: graphics, file export, image recognition, etc.
  • - Xamarin Forms
  • - .NET C#
  • - Redis Cache
  • - .NET Core
  • - SQL Server
  • - SQL Azure
  • - PostgreSQL
  • - Azure Table Storage
  • - Azure Blob Storage
  • - Microsoft Azure con Azure Service Fabric
  • - Onpremise
  • - Web Socket con SignalR
  • - FIX Protocol
  • - API Rest with OAuth2
  • - Web Services
  • - GIT
  • - SVN
  • - Tailoring customized by project