The importance of the relationship with the client

Customer journey

From the beginning, the company's relationship with the client has gone through different stages that have allowed it to evolve. If we take a brief historical tour, we can transport ourselves to the 50's, in which companies only focused their attention on showing their product offerings.

Only in the 1980s did marketing begin to work on the concept of customer relations, but it was not until 2000 that the creation of common experiences and the establishment of bonds with the customer were finally taken into account.

Currently, companies are geared towards prioritizing the customer experience throughout their journey, the "customer journey". From the development of segmented marketing actions, generating value proposals, to the first contact that a potential client has with the company.

We can ensure that the interest of the companies is placed on the relationship with the client. The main objective of the companies is to work on all available methods and resources, such as marketing application, BAMCRM, etc., to get to know the customer in depth and develop a truly valuable offer for them.

Therefore, the key is that the customer experience every time they have contact with us is positive. Optimizing sales and after-sales processes is important to achieve a real and lasting commitment to our customers. The solutions that we offer in BA Minds, allow an excellent management of the relationship with the client.

At BA Minds we focus on enabling our clients to build a positive and tailored customer experience for each company. We invite you to learn about our 100% personalized solutions based on each business model.