technologies in the XXI century

technological innovation and client relationships

In the 21st century, new technologies advanced in such a way that certain manual processes became obsolete. Within companies, technological innovation leads to the creation of new systems, which can benefit the user experience, and attract more customers to the company. That being the case, why do queues continue to exist?

Manual systems have the advantage of face-to-face, personalized attention for each customer who approaches and connects with the company. However, they also mean a considerable amount of time waiting for the customer, and the limited time that the attending employees have at their disposal does not always make the waiting worth it. Also, manual processes may take longer than necessary. 

Considering this, new technologies seek to update the way we connect with customers. Consider, for example, opening an account at a financial institution or subscribing to a service. With the new systems, in the first stage, direct interaction with the customer can be lost when they open accounts. However, the acceleration and computerization of these processes allow for the individual who opens the account to have a seamless uncomplicated experience. Having this system set up, the company can now focus on new ways of interacting with users, and assist them with other more beneficial systems in managing their accounts.

New technologies require us to update the way we serve new clients. Whether with the systems that help them open new accounts or manage them, the process is now made easier for clients and companies have one less task to take up their time. So queues seem unnecessary, right?

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