Without Juniors there are no Seniors

Experience of being a junior

In the business world, as in many other industries, experience is one of the main attributes that are sought. But we all know that experience takes time to acquire. And to have it, you have to start somewhere. Thus the hierarchies of juniors, semi-seniors and seniors are assembled. Each one contributes their point of view, what they know about a topic. Juniors have less years in the field, but they also bring new ideas, desire to search, curiosity.

It is difficult in the first years to find a job according to one's experience, but one that allows you to grow. Where it is sought that one is motivated to learn and improve. It is an important value in modern, technological companies. That the people who work together, do not see the lack of experience as a lack truly, but an opportunity. Another perspective. Because without juniors, there are no seniors.