Marketing in the digital age

Facilitating company processes

We were talking about technology in the XXI and why automating certain processes may be the best option. Processes become remarkably fast and efficient, and error margins decrease. Likewise, this automatization and digitalization has to focus on certain points of the systems.

In Marketing, for example, certain content is not viable without the intervention of your work team. The first goal, then, is to know and choose the processes that can be easily automatized and digitalized. What must be then understood within these evolutions towards the digitalization of processes is the approach that is given.

With less time in certain processes, the development of content within the marketing area can be approached in more depth, and without unfocusing your team. For example, if the segmentation of customers is automatized, the variety of categories to divide them can be greater and more precise. Then, the work team would have to focus only on the content that each group or category consumes from your company.

In this way, digitalization in your company will have positive effects, without sacrificing the interaction or personalization that is also gained face-to-face. The next step is not to replace everything manual with digital, but to work with digital processes to give customers the best service your company can offer.

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