KYC: Know your customer

A first look

In the new context, with industries completely digitized, and the anonymity of the internet, the identity of the customer with whom companies interact becomes difficult to confirm. Without face to face interaction with the person(s), we ask ourselves, Who is behind the screen?

That is why the ‘KYC’ or know your client protocols exist. The idea behind ​​these regulations is to verify the identity of customers, assess and monitor customer risk. It is an extremely important task, which requires careful and meticulous procedures, so that there is not the slightest doubt about the identity of the client.

It is a heavy responsibility, which can take time to set up. Being such an important task, each company must make sure that its verification system is adequate, the one that fits into the rest of the company's gear. There are certain requirements that must be met, certain general and comprehensive steps. But within each, there are additional processes, ways to adjust them to each organization.

Consequently, different systems and solutions can be found, which integrate processes already incorporated within the company to verify the identity of the client, or solutions already assembled, which are put into the organization to take the reins of the verification and identification of the client.

The question that arises then is, How to accommodate this protocol to your company, to achieve a sustained operation over time?