Home Office II - Adaptations to the new reality

Remote office, hybridity and changes

In the previous post we started to reflect on the remote office format of this particular era. On this occasion, we will consider future changes to remote work because we already know that this model has been successfully implemented. We've managed to adapt and adopt new ways of working. Now that the pandemic has progressed and the world is slowly returning to normality, we may be questioning what we once took for granted. The value of our time and the tools we use have also changed. We wonder… How do we get back? Do we go back? Which model are we going back to?

Let's consider a big concern: productivity. From our experience, as a company that has maintained the remote work modality from the beginning, we recognize that having the right systems, clear and well-defined processes, management and coordination has been key to guarantee the productivity.

However we felt the lack of face-to-face contact with customers that we had before the pandemic. The meetings are still held, but they are totally different. The pandemic did not affect productivity, but it did "miss contact"...

The context allowed us to rethink and adjust the way we work. We intend to return to a model similar to the pre-pandemic BAM, a combination of virtuality, where each individual can optimize the use of their time, with visits and face-to-face meetings on demand, where each individual can enhance their role as part of a team.