Digital Onboarding

A process aimed at facilitating the registration of an individual or company.

Have you recently opened an account at a financial institution? Or have you signed up for a service through a website or mobile application? That is what is known as digital onboarding.

Digital onboarding is a process used mainly by the financial sector to acquire new clients in an unattended way, such as opening of accounts, loan or credit applications, etc. Digital onboarding is also present when suscribing to specific services and digital portals.

Why are companies leaning towards this model?

Because it is a process that presents a secure and scalable way to activate and manage new accounts and subscriptions. Digital onboarding must be aligned with certain legal and regulatory requirements that apply to each type of institution.

The challenge that companies face is in finding a balance between the amount of information to request with creating a simple and user-friendly process.

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