Customer Portal

Aiding in technological changes

We have been talking about technological changes, and how companies can adapt to them. One of the proposals that arises with technological changes is a customer portal designed for your company.

To begin with, What are customer portals? What is their function?
Briefly, a customer portal will allow its users (its clients) a web and/or mobile access to their movements and transactions associated with your organization, from their current account statement, the orders placed, make inquiries, download or upload necessary documentation for any interaction with your company. It is an aid. That word seems to appear often. An aid: person (or in this case system) who acts as a guide in an activity.

In this case, the customer portal becomes an indispensable resource for agile self-management of your customers. If users can access the information they need without manual assistance for tedious processes, that valuable time is spent on attending to other needs, which only employees in your organization can solve. Further to this, it creates one user per customer, a separate identity belonging to the company. It is understood more and more, that having this sense of belonging helps build a relationship with the client. More importantly, a long-lasting and satisfying relationship.

It is presented as a system that separates us from customers, and turns them into a set of data. However, the customer portal allows the company's attention to be directed to the processes that must be carried out by the people in the work teams. It allows a panoramic perspective of your customers, and at the same time, a personalized idea of ​​each user, of what is and is not necessary to maintain that relationship, that sense of belonging.

We would like to hear your opinion on this. Let’s keep talking.