Home Banking and Client Portals

Customer portals for banking sector

Home Banking is a term widely used today. With technologies evolving, and the need for certain manual procedures decreasing, financial and banking entities are relying on the online management available to their clients.

In addition to reducing the time users spend on certain procedures, reducing the need for face-to-face contact with company employees, and facilitating bureaucratic processes, Home Banking also offers other benefits for the companies that implement it.

This time we want to talk about the integration of multiple systems in a single interface. The procedures that clients have to carry out can be separated into several stages, with different managers within the company, and the information and transactions distributed among different systems. This method, although it guarantees the client can interact personally with the company's employees, ends up being tedious and open to missteps, which also affects the company itself. Information can be altered in the process, and it definitely lengthens the resolution time and increases the level of customer frustration.

By introducing a platform that integrates several systems with each other, the chance of possible complications is reduced. In addition, the time allocated to each client is reduced, which, although it seems counter-intuitive, is positive for the company. Nobody wants to spend more time than necessary with certain bureaucratic procedures. The most effective is sought. What generates fewer disruptions in the lives of customers, and allows you to redistribute your company's resources to more productive roles.

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