Client Portals III

Information availability

In the previous articles, we opened the discussion on the efficiency of customer portals. On this occasion, we want to talk about the availability of information that these platforms offer.

Business customers are not only looking for total efficiency, but also trust. In an age where access to information is being discussed more than ever, it is important to consider, in addition to the specific content that is offered, the format in which it is given. Each visit to the portal comes with different experiences, but each interface must be understandable by all users, concise and unified.

Customer portals then enter the scene to provide this information. They are friendly interfaces so that the visit has a pleasant experience. Each screen must have a clear purpose. If, for example, the person who enters is already a customer, he should not be asked for all the data as if it were the first time he entered, but only those data that allow him to be identified and redirected to his account or reinserted in an opening process. It must be clear what the client can do or is doing in each interface, in each interaction. You should know why we ask you for certain information, and what we will use it for. It is an effective way to organize the information, and facilitate the experience of the visit with your company.

Likewise, the discussion about the information that clients have at their disposal and the way in which it is provided continues to have different nuances and points of view. We invite you to share your own experiences and opinions.