Client Portals II

One chance to make a first impression

A few weeks ago we started talking about customer portals as a technological aid for your company. It is a tool, but it is also part of your image, of the perception that is created of your organization.

It is often said: there is only one chance to make a first impression. To make the client understand from the very start that their interest is being considered, that they can trust in the company. The customer portals then comprise one more tool to build your image.

Every action of a given company says something about its identity. This system establishes a certain image: that it is an efficient organization, which prioritizes facilitating user experience, having availability for them, and serving them as well as possible. The use of new technologies says that it is an updated company, in evolution and that it cares about the good maintenance of its websites.

The image is undoubtedly something essential to take into account when implementing or adapting to new methods. The customer portal, on its part, encourages ideas for improvement, evolution and updating, positive perceptions associated with your company.

Similarly, there are as many ways to implement customer portals as there are companies. So we invite you to share, what experiences stand out for you with customer portals?