Home Office - social and ecological responsibility

Caring for our planet and promoting regional economies

The year of the pandemic completely altered how the workplace is seen and lived. Activities decreased, meetings became virtual, and of course the vast majority of offices remained closed. This changed the way of working. Kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms turned into meeting rooms. It was more than a change, and, in general, people are not great fans of change.

But once we got settled in, it brought many advantages that we sometimes don't take into account. Let's think, for example, from an ecological point of view. Less fuel and time are spent getting to and from work, fewer resources are spent renting offices and meeting rooms, it allows adapting to more flexible hours and finally, the exchange of information is digital, thus reducing the use of paper by almost 100%.

If we think about all the energy consumed in maintaining office work facilities and in the combustion generated by the means of transportation, a home office working model can have a positive ecological impact on our planet.

Now comes the moment to define the post pandemic model and its transition. Where will we “return” to? A home office model could become a remote office model, where each employee can work from, not necessarily their home, but from a place close to his or her personal circle of action. The promotion of the remote office generates many additional jobs, since people consume during their working day within their “remote working” zone. From the rental of temporary workspaces to our favourite coffee store, our consumption habits become decentralized from concentrated office areas to the suburbs and neighbourhoods. In addition, cars and public transportation, hence pollution, can be easily replaced by bicycles, skates and footsteps.

Saving resources and reducing pollution is one more step towards improving the world in which we live. Going green is everyone's responsibility, from individuals to companies. What we share from our experience are the positive and ecological aspects that result from being a purely remote office company, developer of software solutions accessible 7x24 from anywhere and on any device.

We invite you to share your thoughts on the effect of these changes. In what other ecological aspects do you consider that the home office / remote office benefits the planet and our community?