Create from fast and continuous iterations, optimizing the investment

Lean Startup, Agile Methodology and Customer Development

The fear of failure plays an important role when making the decision to face a business opportunity, a new venture, a new product, because such development implies making a significant investment of time and capital.

To overcome the obstacles that appear mainly during the first stages of these developments the use of certain tools and methodologies are very useful for any undertaking or project focused on innovation.

Many ask us about the methodologies we use at BA Minds, both in the formation and creation of the company as well as those applied to each product we develop, and each project we undertake for our clients.

At BA Minds we have incorporated and adapted a combination of the Lean Startup methodology with Agile Methodologies and prioritizing features and solutions based on customer needs.

We apply Lean Startup practices that allow us to shorten the development cycles of the specific business, product or project. This methodology allows to quickly discover if a proposed model is viable or not (commonly known as "minimum viable product" or MVP).

The Lean Startup methodology is, in turn, closely related to Agile Methodologies (AM) and Customer Development (CD). Agile methodologies seek to avoid wasting time or resources, focusing on product development through rapid, continuous and incremental iteration processes.

In parallel, the focus on Customer Development practices allows us to understand the needs of customers through exhaustive studies of the possible use cases of the solution to be created.

At BA Minds we always prioritize the demands of our clients, working based on specific and real needs. And through incremental iterative processes we focus on the continuous improvement of each of our solutions.

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