The key to productivity

For every minute spent organizing, you earn an hour

Typify (RAE)
1. tr. Adjust various similar things to a common type or standard.
2. tr. Said of a person or a thing: Represent the type of the species or class to which it belongs.

The key to better performance at work is order. Order has many advantages, since a good organization allows us to have more time, perform more, increase efficiency, achieve the objectives we set for ourselves in a short time, etc.

To promote order, it is very useful to use tags. TAGs are words or short phrases used to describe and group data based on categories. This process allows you to find and identify elements with common characteristics faster.

In a CRM, it is essential to be able to quickly identify elements (contacts, incidents, business opportunities, etc.) under the same concept and prioritize them. Tags in BAMCRM allow you to create specific identifiers to organize contacts, business opportunities, tickets, etc.

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